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Logistics, event management, security …

The ebike Fun is an essential tool to increase productivity at all sites where travel is extensive and expensive in time and energy.

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You are : 

Event organizer, a lounge, a campsite, a holiday village …

We offer :

Renting Fun ebike, an incomparable asset to the management and organization of major events and exhibitions due to multiple transportation needs over short and long distances.

It is used by industry professionals to ensure a multitude of tasks such as checking the conformity of the premises and facilities, supervision of erection and dismantling of infrastructure but also to strengthen relations between the organizers and the exhibitors anticipate or deal in a short time all types of incidents, etc.

This green solution, not noisy and clean is also well suited to events “indoor” than those conducted outdoors, while conveying a modern and friendly image of the environment.



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Moped equivalent 49.9 cm3
Speed: 25 or 45 km / h
Autonomy: 30-40 km or 60-80 km with the additional pack, depending on altitude, temperature and weight of the user.
Charging time: 2 hours or 4 hours following the supplied charger.
Homologation: L1e – Wearing of helmets, insurance and compulsory license plate
Included in rental: driver training, loan gloves and helmets.

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